House name

I received a commission for a house name plaque and the customer’s house has a unusual name with a unusual spelling.


I asked the customer if she know what the house name meant – “No, not a clue”.

She didn’t mind what design the name took, but just something “different”.

I looked the name up on the Internet – nothing.

Where they live it was once an important sheep-rearing town, producing its own wool at local woollen mills.

The town has a tower – St Leonard’s or as the locals call it “The Clock Tower” which dates back to 1220.

We then had another conversation where she mentioned that she had a beautiful beech tree in her garden.

There it was the idea.

  • Sheep
  • Tower
  • Beech tree

After showing the house owner my thoughts and ideas, I sketched out the design and produced the mosaic shown below. 

And for a personal touch, I used the family coat of arms for the flag.