The Wedding Gift

The Wedding Gift

A couple of years ago a very delightful couple contacted me. When we spoke they said they lived in Bristol and had just come back from a weekend break in Devon. During their stay, they had picked up one of my cards in a local pub, looked on my website and decided to contact me.

This was in early April. They went on to explain that they were going to a wedding first weekend in May. They were after a wedding present and I asked for a background on the couple who were getting married and they told me the story of how they meet.

About four years ago, the bride had been working by the coast and at every opportunity she would go surfing. One day she went to the local Surf Hire Shop and started to chat to the man behind the counter. The man said that she would be perfect for his son and that they would be perfect together. At the time she thought this was a bit of an odd thing to say and the man went on to request her telephone number for his son. At first she was not sure and then he said that his son loved surfing and like her had just come back from travelling to similar places and in particular Bali.

She gave the man her telephone number, the son phoned, they meet and now they are married!

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